Why wholeselfcoach?

My original inspiration for this site was to build a chain of beings around the globe, holding hands in service of making the world a better place. The only problem? I couldn’t wrap my head around how to do it. So I did nothing.

Six months later I had another moment of inspiration (or stupidity, time will tell). I was feeling badly about how not-creative I’ve been for the last few years after looking at this gorgeous blog/website (www.shannonleith.com). Wondering how I could juice myself up again, I thought about The Artist’s Way (I don’t have time for morning pages), really learning how to use my camera (great idea but will I do it?), dancing again (sure but with my limited “me” time, an hour a week ain’t going to cut it) and then I thought (ta daaaahhhhh) writing! A blog! How thoroughly original. Because there aren’t already 18 billion blogs out there waiting to be read.

It felt right. And at this point I don’t care if anyone reads it. The act of making it public will, hopefully, hold me accountable. It will force me to write. I LOVE to write but ever since OAC English with Mr. Hougham (that was grade 13 in Ontario Canada in the late 80’s) I have been ashamed of my abilities – or lack thereof. Oh and it got reinforced in a couple of writing classes over the years. I’m not so good at it. But hey, maybe I”ll get better if I practice a lot.

So I’ve decided to document my journey of personal growth and healing. I’ve been a work in progress for a long long time and in the past three or four years I’ve stepped it up. Got a Masters degree in Clinical Psych and specialized in Community Psychology. Got interested in attachment theory and then had a child so I could put it all into practice. (to be clear, that’s not why I had her, the timing was just good). Started a business, then another – the first to make money and the second because I want to change the world. All of this has kicked my behind in a way I didn’t expect and my desire to get over myself, to heal all the damaged, hurting, scared parts of myself has gotten stronger. I no longer wish to live in psychological and emotional pain. I want to be healthy, I want to be whole.

I used to journal. I have a big box of black art books of all sizes filled with rantings, ramblings, whining, poems, bad drawings, love, lust, shame, guilt, and joy. They are embarrassing but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. I need to make my husband promise to burn them (without reading them!) if anything happens to me. I’m hoping that this – editable – medium will give me some of the same creative outlet and satisfaction without the twenty-something angst.

Anyway – here it is. Here I am. Enjoy. Or not. I leave it to you.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. “a chain of beings around the globe, holding hands in service of making the world a better place” I love this, I share this vision—a collective mind awakening.

  2. I can already tell I’m going to LOVE your blog. I started one for the EXACT same reasons you did. (I wanted to create community. I needed to be more creative, and a blog would hold me accountable.) And I too was/am a journaler, though much less so now that I am married (and don’t have “boys” to write about) and now that I blog (and share most of what I’m thinking with the world wide web).
    I’m interested to read more of your writing–particularly about attachment theory. I did a lot of research on psychology in grad school, more specifically, the psychology of women with eating disorders and attachment theory came up a lot, though I never really looked into it. As you so aptly put it in your comment on my blog, I’m glad to be here.

  3. I share the same integral vision as you, holding hands with everyone in service to uplift the world. I’ve always had this strong vision. It’s strength has always been there growing up and like you suffered depression, but this is all part of the challenge, of being the ones to heal the world collectively.

  4. Hi, Lindsay. Just saw a comment you made on Launa’s blog and wanted to ask whether the year your family spent in Rennes had anything to do with the School Year Abroad program. I was there during the ’93-’94 school year.

  5. I’m glad you started this blog and that you keep it. You seem to be on a path with a heart. Glad you found my site so that I was able to discover this one here. I mean to visit often 🙂

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