Lately I’ve been focused on how I move through the world, how I feel my body, my space, my inner realm, how connected or separate I feel from others.

I’ve been working on being more aware of my energy and choosing to change it when it doesn’t feel good. I’m getting better at recognizing and shifting when storm clouds take up residence inside. I watch how my husband’s energy affects mine, or mine his. I know it is affected by sleep, food, and thoughts. Junk food for the mind if I’m not careful, those thoughts.

I’ve always been sensitive to energy. I think I pushed my natural tendencies away while at the same time wishing they were stronger, wishing they made me special. I attract a lot of energy workers into my life. In the past I have treated them both with respect and a slight disdain, brought on by fear and a deep desire to be more like them, to be true to Who I Am.

As I become more and more conscious of the energies that surround me, deciding which I’d like to keep and which I’d like to let go of, I find myself reaching for what feels good so much more often than I used to (and a glass of wine or three a lot less). I know more quickly when a decision is right (although I’m still obstinate enough to ignore it on occasion). The low grade depression of my twenties has evaporated in my thirties and I am incredibly grateful for this journey I am on.

Finding my path. Doing it my way. It’s all energy. We are all energy.

How do you move through the world? What energy is showing up for you?


~ by Alana on March 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Energy”

  1. Wonderful to hear where you are, and how you are feeling. It’s important to acknowledge so. Energy is indeed a wonderful thing, at the same time at times a loss. In my early twenties I learnt to manage my own energy more effectively, as like you I’m highly sensitive to invisible and surrounding energies. Now, I don’t soak up like I used to in neither part, and I’m much more aware of how I choose to receive energy.
    I wish you well in your path. 🙂

  2. I like this concept of energy as something like a sixth sense, an instinct – letting us know when a decision is right, or when something is wrong. Very wise.

    And also the point you make about our energy after others around us. It’s so true and something we should be aware of.

  3. Ana and Eva – thank you. Funny I just heard Dr. Judith Orloff speak and picked up her book Second Sight. It’s all about energy, intuition etc. I recommend it to anyone who is sensitive to/interested in such things.

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