This little light of mine…

A good friend of mine has a cousin who is dying of ALS. It has been difficult for the entire extended family to deal with. Their hearts are broken. The cousin, the man dying, is unable to move anything but his eyeballs. He is now on Facebook and my friend was sharing how beautiful, positive and inspirational his updates and notes are. He’s on Facebook, inspiring others and all he can move is his eyes.

This makes me think of my cousin’s niece Jamie, who married her long-time sweetheart with only weeks to live.

It seems that many people with terminal illnesses are able to drop their egos. As they move closer and closer to their return to Spirit, their inner light shines more brightly. Impending death has picked them up and moved them out of their own way. They are able to simply be.

It is an incredible experience to be in the presence of someone who has accepted the reality of their death and found peace.

Can you imagine if all of us could shine so brightly? If we could die to our egos without dying to the world? If we could make it out of childhood without our spirits being crushed by mean girls and bullies, rote learning and suppression of creativity, harsh words and cruel hands?

I hold this vision in my heart, carrying it carefully and opening it slowly to let my own light shine. If enough of us hold it, work towards it, believe in it…in the words of Louis Armstrong, what a wonderful world it would be.

Flickr/LaoWei Kevin


~ by Alana on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “This little light of mine…”

  1. This reminds me of my mother’s best friend, who died years ago at 49. She had pancreatic cancer and after aggressive treatment she had a year of remission before it came back. At that point she chose to stop conventional treatment and basically lived knowing she was dying. It felt as though she was moving towards the spirit in a visceral way and watching that was among the most extraordinary gifts anyone has ever given me.

  2. I’m in Alana! I will join you in holding it close, working towards it, and believing in it. The thought of letting my light shine, makes me smile. I will also sign up to support you and hold space for you as you let your beautiful light shine brighter and brighter. xo

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