It’s no wonder…

The following story popped into my life today via Facebook:

April at Eclectic Effervescence spent three years trying to get pregnant. She finally did, with twins, but they came frighteningly early. Breastfeeding wasn’t easy but she stuck with it and one day recently tadaaaa! she was able to tandem nurse her little boys. A celebratory picture was taken and posted on her Facebook page so she could share her joy with friends and family.

Facebook decided this picture was obscene and warned her that they’d cancel her account if she didn’t play by their rules. Please please read her version of the story. It’s so much better than mine. You can also see some of the pictures that Facebook does NOT consider obscene. They fall under group titles such as “Big Boobs”, “Tits” and “Titties”.

It’s no wonder women have a hard time believing in our own worth. It’s no wonder we feel shame and tie our self-esteem to the size of our breasts and the curve of our hips. It’s no wonder that we are violated, denigrated, and murdered with such frequency. Woman as life-giver, nurturer, life-sustainer is obscene. Woman as object is perfectly fine. It is threatening to the status quo for us to stand in our power. It is dangerous to be seen openly reveling in something that is ours alone, something that makes us more powerful than any man could ever be.

Thoughts are exploding in my head like shooting stars and I can’t get them to the page fast enough. Part of me wants this post to be clear and well-thought out – something that fits well into the dominant paradigm. Another part of me wants to rage – eloquently, passionately, beautifully. I want to take action, to incite action. I want Facebook to apologize; I want Oprah to call.

Something has to change. We have to change it. I don’t have the answers but I know I want to be part of creating the solutions. When breastfeeding is no longer considered sexual or obscene, when woman are allowed to birth wherever and with whomever they choose, when children are no longer beaten to death in the name of discipline, then we can call ourselves a developed nation. Until then, I will work to be the change.

Who’s with me?

And if this isn’t your fight – what is?


~ by Alana on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “It’s no wonder…”

  1. That is really outrageous! I agree that we have along way to go in our society to being a safe place for all. On the surface all seems fine with regard to a woman’s value in this world. But you don’t have to scratch to hard to get beneath the surface. I am with you in this fight and I am going to do it by fighting for myself in this world. I have been settling professionally for what is offered instead of fighting for my true vocation. Let the battle begin!

  2. Well said. Retain this kind of energy and you WILL change the world. xo

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