A new year

Jan 1, 2010.

We had plans with friends for NY Eve. They had the sniffles so we decided to play it safe and stay home. We had yummy food, a delicious bottle of wine, and spent the evening writing our gratitude list for 2009 and our intentions for 2010. We looked at the moon dancing above our driveway. We talked about dreams, visions, heartaches and money. It was the perfect end to the year.

Here is my intention list for 2010. A slight expansion on my last post…


Move into activity on my visions and inspirations.

Get off my ass.

Banish incongruity.


Say “no” more often.

Commit fully to resounding “yes”s

Get enough sleep, exercise and healthy food

Meditate. Read. Write.

Listen to my deepest self more quickly and more willingly.


Stay present in the NOW.

Gently observe and let go of the mental chatter – the what if’s, the should’s, the fear.

Live in gratitude.


Allow all of it. Allow giving. Allow receiving. Allow the muses to sing. Allow Spirit to flow through me. Allow the questions and the uncertainty. Allow the letting go. Allow forgiveness. Allow love. Allow passion. Allow life to be what it is.

Say Yes! to the Universe (and mean it).


~ by Alana on January 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “A new year”

  1. looks like we’ll be doing some of the same things this year. i especially love the word “allow”.

  2. I *LOVE* the allow part…I think it’s what makes all the other stuff possible, along with staying present in the now. I’ll be thinking about your list as I create my own =)

  3. I will join the chorus to cheer the intention to “allow” it all. I love where you’re going and look forward to being neaby every step of your way. xo

  4. Thanks ladies – I am so grateful to be in such company.

  5. […] searching now that everyone else is asleep and I have a moment to myself, I looked back at what I wrote as 2009 moved into 2010 and was struck by this […]

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