Best of 09 – Days 12,13,14

The best new food. The best change to the place you live. The best rush.

I’ve had a slip-slidey few days where choices made took me away from writing. I’ve missed it. I don’t think I’ll be able to sustain a daily blog once this challenge is over but like a new lover, it’s hard to stay away for long.

Best New Food: Simple.

I am cooking more simply than I have since college, but instead of Top Ramen I’m using fresh local produce, local organic meats  and Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food as my guide. I’ve rediscovered butter. I’ve fallen in love with coconut oil. I’ve purchased the yummiest olive oil and balsamic vinegar I’ve ever tasted. I’m growing fresh herbs (though – sigh – I still kill as many plants as I keep alive). I’ve actually come to love all things sprouted. The added bonus? I’m not starving all the time. Keeping life in the kitchen simple might not provide all the answers but right now, it’s rockin’ my world.

Best Change to the Place You Live: 70 miles.

From a city of 4 million to one of 100,000.

Quality of life up. Stress levels down. Time spent outdoors up. Time spent in car down.

From owning to renting. From spacious to cozy. From the hills to the beach.

We traded roosters for seagulls, squirrels and skunks for sand.

70 miles. It’s a quick drive and a chasm, all at the same time. It hasn’t been an easy change, but without a doubt, it’s been the right one.

Best Rush: Trusting, trusting, trusting and watching the Universe deliver.

Since the moment we decided on the leap of faith – to sell our house and move to a city we didn’t know – life has been one huge lesson in belief and trust. I’ve asked and received in ways I didn’t know I was capable of. I’ve listened to my inner knowing and been filled with joy and gratitude when it was proven right. I’ve been incredibly stressed out and very afraid. I’ve been overwhelmed and exhausted and lonely. The rush came from the fact that for the first time in my life I didn’t let any of that take over. I felt it, acknowledged it and let it go. I was continually gifted with people and opportunities that served as reminders that everything is perfect, that I am worthy of receiving what I desire, that life is good.

The really crazy thing to me is that good things just keep happening. It’s not like life is a glossy magazine spread. I have brutally hard days and I know there are more ahead. But I see things differently now. Or maybe it’s that I dwell on things differently now. It’s not a rose-colored-glasses-just-think-positive-thoughts-and-life-will-get-better change. It’s a I’m-beginning-to-accept-myself-and-see-the-value-in-my-presence-on-earth change. It’s a feeling of connection to everyone else who lives from the heart; a willingness to live with integrity and acknowledge when I don’t quite manage it without focusing on the failure. It’s this challenge and the incredibly moving, inspiring and beautiful souls I have discovered through reading others’ blogs. It’s the call from Patagonia this morning that said I won their weekly drawing for any item I wanted in the store. I am being showered with gifts and I’m finally, almost always, willing to receive them.


~ by Alana on December 14, 2009.

One Response to “Best of 09 – Days 12,13,14”

  1. From my heart to yours… YIPPEE! I love watching this transformation. Continued abundance to you, my friend. So well deserved.

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