Best of 09 Days 3 and 4

Oops. Traveled yesterday and didn’t make it to the computer. So I’m combining the topics. My days often flow into one another so why not my blog?

I’ve never been good at picking favorites. In fact, I resist it with all of my being. I don’t know if it’s a reluctance to make a commitment or a part of my soul that refuses to limit myself to “just one” of anything. I did manage it with my husband though (and we’ve tested our commitment in some heavy ways) so I think it’s the latter. Why pick one of something when I can have everything I want? I’m testing this theory out in my life and in my journey from scarcity and fear to abundance and joy, it seems to be holding true more often than not. Since I only want one husband, it was easier to place that limit.

The articles that most rocked my world this year were about parenting. Like Po Bronson’s reporting research on the negative effects of praise – I think that was in the NY Times but I found it online at some point. Or a story about Canadian educator Mary Gordon’s quest to make the world more empathic. These discoveries jive with my deepest instincts on children, on human development and when I see research and other people backing it up, my internal fire gets lit. I want to connect the dots for people. All of this is food for my passion to make the world a healthier place. It’s a tall task. And a sensitive one. I don’t tend to share these articles as most of my parent friends don’t seem to want to hear it (with a few exceptions). I do incorporate them in my dreams and my workshops. For now, that’s enough. As I move into deeper alignment with my purpose, the sharing will come.

Best book of 2009? Again, can’t pick a favorite. The Art of Possibility. Abraham-Hicks books. The Power of Now. Manifest your Destiny. Unconditional Parenting. The Philosophical Baby (still reading this one – it’s rocking my world).

I love to read. From the moment I learned to do it myself I wouldn’t let my parents read to me anymore. I read way ahead of my grade level growing up. Then I stopped for a while – got busy – felt like it wasn’t so important to be transported to other worlds on a regular basis. I started a book club 5 years ago and went back to school to get a Master’s degree – lots of reading for both of those. After I had my daughter, the reading slowed to a stop again. I was too tired, too busy. I missed it. I started a business and got a success coach who told me I had to read for an hour and a half a day. WHAT?! I couldn’t quite swing it but the reading I did started to change my life. So now I’m an addict again. I ingest books in stolen moments, reading and rereading. The problem is that I don’t always retain what I’ve read. So now I’m reading them all again more slowly. Highlighting and note-taking and dog-earing them. These are my textbooks for life. I’m unschooling myself. I pick up one and it leads to three or four or five more. I have to take a deep breath and not get overwhelmed. I have to remember to go to bed. So…

Best book? I’ve got a couple more to get through before the year is through. I’ll let you know.


~ by Alana on December 4, 2009.

One Response to “Best of 09 Days 3 and 4”

  1. i read this and think “i don’t remember writing this” because i didn’t, of course, but i could have. i really could have. that whole problem picking one? me. avid reader? that’s me, too. trouble retaining what i’ve read? yep. conversations with books in the form of dog-eared pages and underlining and notes in the margins? me, too. me, too. art of possibility? po bronson? okay, i’ll stop now. but i’ll be back.

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