Ideal Day

Over the years different books, courses and coaches have asked me to write about my ideal day. Even as I struggle to create balance in my life, I realize that I’m closer to living it than I’ve ever been. Of course my vision of “ideal” has changed over the last 15 years. It’s simpler now. Here is what my perfect day contains:

1. Meditation – I learned Vedic meditation from the incredible Thom Knoles and loved what 20 minutes twice a day did for me. That’s my goal. Right now I’d be happy with 20 minutes twice a week.

2. Exercise – running on the beach (I’m not a runner but the ocean is inspiring), pilates,  yoga, dance. That sounds ridiculously trendy but it’s what I LOVE.

3. Great food – I’ve become a real locavore and my latest cookbook addiction is Alice Waters‘ The Art of Simple Food. I want a day full of healthy, satisfying, delicious, sustainably produced food.

4. Time with my child(ren?) – one of my greatest joys is seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes. I want to learn everything I didn’t learn or don’t remember from my own childhood. I want my home to be where the kids all hang out, not because I let them do things they shouldn’t be doing, but because it’s warm and comfortable and they get to fully be themselves.

5. Time to write – I don’t know if I’ll ever be any good at it but writing helps me to feel like a whole human being.

6. Reading – one of my biggest passions from the time I could do it on my own. I can’t imagine a life without books.

7. Play time – unstructured, unscheduled time for whatever feels good that day.

8. Connection – with my husband, my friends, colleagues, strangers – genuine human interaction is life sustaining for me.

9. Joy – the kind of joy that comes from being present and being on purpose. The kind of joy I feel watching a perfect sunset, or knowing that I made a difference in someone’s day.

Hmmm…so what about work you say? It’s in there – somewhere. In the joy, in the connection, in the reading and writing. Somehow, some way I will do all of these things and earn a living. I know it’s possible. Just ask Jack Canfield or John Assaraf, or anyone who is living their dreams. It’s not perfect or easy, but it is good in the real sense of the word – like homemade macaroni and cheese on a crisp fall day. Life is good.


~ by Alana on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “Ideal Day”

  1. My ideal day (did this via a meditation/vision session) was not what I expected! Mine had wake up before the sun, shuffle around the house, walk outside and into some body of water, lake, ocean, pool and float. Then, make breakfast–and this was for many folks (yet unidentified), go to the barn and tend to the goats and chickens. Come back in to a communal meal, sun just coming up. Set intentions of the day–in a group. and we all split to address them. I have an open air office and light technology (few cords, big connectivity) and pace while talking big ideas with folks. Drawing up multi-media plans, few collaborators in and out. Tending to children’s needs in the afternoon and communal meal at night. Full, deep restful dreaming that conjures the intentions of the next day. AAAAhhhhh. Thanks for the prompting!

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